Yesterday I shot two editorials with Alexa. I worked now many times with Alexa and it always takes 3 to 4 shots until a picture ends up how I created it in mind. I want to thank Alexa for sharing her talent so many times and having a good friendship, you have an incredible fine nature. Callomania says it all, it is all about the mania of beauty. Teenagers are breaking their legs at the plastic surgeon to increase 2cm more length to fit into the fashion world. Real beauty is nature.
callomania by marcus hewson photography


Just finished the postproduction on a little fashion editorial called “FISH” and placed them on the website. Special thanks to Elsa Destange for sharing your talent. Save the FISH!!!

Nuts – The Video

Just had a wonderful time with our very good friends Elsa and Fred and we shot a video during the shooting of some strange images. This time the Video stands for itself unlike earlier works. Thank you for being such good friends. Elsa keep up your precious work and i am not speaking of modeling.

Twitter vs. Facebook

I have a Facebook Page since few years but due to complicated restrictions and handling I decided to change to Twitter. The account is active since a longer time but I never used it. So from now on I would love to see friends, visitor, photographers, models or like-minded to visit my Twitter account. You can easily click on the “follow me” bottom on the lower frontage of my homepage. Thank you again for all your comments on Facebook, I really appreciated a lot.
marcus hewson on twitter

Documentary “Trilogie d`Elsa”

By the end of last year a documentary on France 3 aired about the wonderful and in the meantime good friend Elsa Destange. She is not only a very talented and enthusiastic model but also a big-hearted person. In a documentary by Gannay-Meyer Denis the three parts of her life are reflected in a wonderful way and I had the chance of doing an interview about my thoughts and experience about working with Elsa. I do not want to miss the opportunity to show you this little movie wich aired on France 3 by the end of 2013. Thanks to Elsa for all our shootings we worked out during the last years in Paris, Zurich and Poitiers.

Old vs. Young

While a friend of mine ask me to do a portrait for his birthday card he came across the idea of looking young on one portrait and older on the other. First my friend wanted to look very old with light grey hair and strong wrinkle but I decided to go more natural with less as possible photoshop so I made him younger than he looks now and older to go in both directions. With this process I did not have to alter both images too much. Everything is as it is, i just used some dark grey for hair and increased contrast on the older portrait. The fact that the poses and attitude helps to increase the effect does cut the need of too much photoshop too. Here`s the result of this work beside my usual creations. By the way he will be 30 this year.

old vs. young

old vs. young

“Rite of Passage”

Last Tuesday i shoot a new art style editorial with the title “Rite of Passage”. The postproduction is still in process. The complete set will show up soon. Again i worked with one of my favorite model Alexa and she was the perfect choice for such a shooting where acting skills were claimed. It is all about religious conversion, tribal, drugs and rites shown in an artificial way as short as possible. Special thanks to my beloved wife Bridget, to Alexa and Alexander.
Here`s a sample.

rite of passage

rite of passage