Just finished the intense post production of “bigotry.blindness.stagnation”. The three portraits show¬† aspects of human error about belief, love and hope. I choose contrasts in clothing by using an evening dress and leather gloves to achieve a harder impact of the theme. The post production goes in the same direction with a mixture of HDR and clean beauty retouching. Special thanks to Chantal and my wife for your support.


Last weekend I shoot different styles of images including a series, some with long time shutter speed and portraits. The series entitled “Legacy” just hit the website. I would like to thank Chantal Styger for taking her time working with me and my beloved wife for her support again.
volatile minds

Killing me softly

Elsa and Aleksa are definitely my two all time favourite models I worked with. The reason is the devotion to their modelling and their mindset. I never met other models wich impressed me more with their talent and character in every way. Now for maybe the only time I had the chance to have a shooting with both together. What more can i wish for. professionalism, fun, devotion, friendship and kindness would describe the atmosphere in the studio. We worked out an editorial with graphic clothes about Love and Hate. Some images are done like real life scenes and others are symbolic. The story is about one part of the relationship is taking too much of the other because love is not on the same level. Thank you for this incredible shooting experience.
killing me softly_marcus hewson photography


Yesterday I shot two editorials with Alexa. I worked now many times with Alexa and it always takes 3 to 4 shots until a picture ends up how I created it in mind. I want to thank Alexa for sharing her talent so many times and having a good friendship, you have an incredible fine nature. Callomania says it all, it is all about the mania of beauty. Teenagers are breaking their legs at the plastic surgeon to increase 2cm more length to fit into the fashion world. Real beauty is nature.
callomania by marcus hewson photography


Just finished the postproduction on a little fashion editorial called “FISH” and placed them on the website. Special thanks to Elsa Destange for sharing your talent. Save the FISH!!!

Nuts – The Video

Just had a wonderful time with our very good friends Elsa and Fred and we shot a video during the shooting of some strange images. This time the Video stands for itself unlike earlier works. Thank you for being such good friends. Elsa keep up your precious work and i am not speaking of modeling.

Twitter vs. Facebook

I have a Facebook Page since few years but due to complicated restrictions and handling I decided to change to Twitter. The account is active since a longer time but I never used it. So from now on I would love to see friends, visitor, photographers, models or like-minded to visit my Twitter account. You can easily click on the “follow me” bottom on the lower frontage of my homepage. Thank you again for all your comments on Facebook, I really appreciated a lot.
marcus hewson on twitter